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What you can expect in our first meetings
Shaking Hands

First Visit

Get to Know Each Other

We want to:

  • Understand your core values

  • Know concerns you may have

  • Learn your current financial situation

Chess Pieces

Second Visit

Game Plan

Once we know your needs we'll implement a plan

  • Open appropriate account(s)

  • Transfer any existing accounts to the new accounts

  • Choose suitable investment strategies

Aerial View of Curved Road

Third Visit

Financial Road map

When accounts have transferred over we'll work together to create a detailed plan that will get you to your goals

  • Enter your goals into our financial planning software

  • Analyze options to reach your goals

Computer with Graph

On-going Communications

Annual / Periodic Reviews

Life changes and so do your goals so we want to make sure we keeping in touch with your changing needs.

  • We'll meet at least annually  to go over current goals

  • Revise your plan to work with your changing goals

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