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What makes us different

We are fiduciaries

Being a fiduciary means that we are held to a higher standard of conduct and we are obligated to put your interest before our own.

We are Independent

Being independent means we don't have to meet quotas, sell specific products, or do anything else that we don't think is best for you in order to meet sales goals.  We simply find products that we think are best in class and use them when it's appropriate.

We are approachable

We do our best to maintain a comfortable and friendly office environment.  You are here to talk about your financial goals but financial goals are very personal.  Working with someone that you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your goals with is paramount to achieving success.

Best in class software

Industry software is crucial to success.  We have software to help illustrate the level of risk you are taking.  Financial planning software that helps to illustrate how all the pieces of your retirement in terms of Social Security, pensions, IRA's, 401(k)'s, taxes, and whatever else you can think of, will fit together.  If you are wondering something, we probably have a software to illustrate it.

Educational events

We have various educational events and educational updates through out the year to help you stay informed about important topics that could affect your financial well-being.

Great Customer Service

We have staff on hand to answer your questions.  You won't have to push a bunch of buttons before you get to talk with someone.  If we don't have your answer on hand you won't have to sit on hold.  We'll find the answer and call you back so you can get on with your life as soon as possible!

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